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For many generations, Pastificio Venturino has been producing top quality artisan pasta in southern Italy using only the best Italian durum wheat and traditional techniques. The slow drying process at low temperature is important for the preservation of texture, colour and taste. The rough porous texture of the finished product is ideal in combining any flavouring or sauce.

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Generations of pasta makers from the heart of Napoli, Italy

The Process

Raw Ingredients

Dry pasta begins as a dough made from semolina flour and water. Semolina flour is a type of flour made from durum wheat with it’s most nourishing parts ground into semolina flour, which is golden in colour. Only high quality semolina flour is used, which is high in protein and folate.

Bronze Die Extrusion

Bronze die pasta, is extruded through perforated bronze plates (also known as dies) that cut and shape the pasta into all the well known varieties such as rigatoni, spaghetti, caserecci, etc. It is these bronze dies that produce a finished pasta with a rough texture, which is the secret to helping pasta absorb the sauce and improving the flavour of any pasta recipe.​

Artisan Packaging

Being an artisanal pasta, it’s important for the packaging to highlight the pasta itself. The clear cellophane packet with the distinguishable ‘blue ribbon’ allows you to clearly see the rough texture of the pasta. Highly presentable on shelf or even in your pantry.​

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